Theory Test Pro is a highly realistic online simulation of the UK's driving theory tests for all vehicle categories.
It contains all the official test questions licensed from the DSA, the people who set the tests.
Cwmbran Driving School Gives you FULL FREE
access to this site. We monitor your progress and help you on any weak points you might have.

What You Will Get.
Competative rates and discounts.  Quality Lessons To suit YOU.
Never sat at the road side talking when you should be driving. (unlike some instructors!!!)
Full 1  or 2 hour lessons & Always on time. Pick up & drop off where ever you want. (within reason)
Help you plan your theory test and help you through it.
Once ready, Driving down Newport on the test routes. (other instructors stick to Cwmbran)
We are reliable and friendly and the have extensive test route knowledge. All driving lessons are conducted in a planned, structured, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We will provide feed back on a Track Record so you can see your progress ever lesson, and provide you with encouragement and support
Parents and supervising drivers are most welcome to sit in during lessons and our instructors are only to willing to assist them with guidance and support for the learner driver. All our lessons are conducted one on one in our vehicles,
MOC TEST. @ no extra charge.
Trainee instructors. Also known as  (P.D.I.'s) How would you feel if you found out that the person who had been teaching you wasn't even an instructor and you'd wasted all your money? Many driving schools have "instructors" that aren't qualified at all, they're no better than your parents or friends at teaching you to drive. Anyone can just have a go at this job for 6 months without being qualified and this is how schools make all their money, by charging trainees weekly fees for a car and work.

So which schools use trainees? Nearly all of them. From the biggest in the UK to smaller local schools, they don't care how bad the trainee is at teaching so long as they keep paying their car hire fee.
Any Driving School Advertising P.D.I. training (potential driving instructor) Use instructors that are NOT qualified.

I have nothing against trainees themselves, i just think all this should be out in the open and not hushed up.
Make sure you ask to see an instructors GREEN badge when you start lessons. If it's not green then they're not a fully qualified driving instructor.

C.D.S. does NOT  use trainee instructors. We Use, fully qualified and highly experienced instructors with years of teaching experience

Cwmbran Driving School Driving Instructor can arrange a “Mock Driving Test” for you with a different Driving Instructor This will have all of the same advantages as a mock test with your regular driving instructor, but it will also have some additional advantages:-The fact that it is with someone that you have not previously met can make it seem “more real”This Will be an advantage to anyone that feels apprehensive about driving examiners or meeting new people.
And there is NO extra charge.


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